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tractorcrossing's Journal

Tractor Crossing :: Smallville Crossovers
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While looking through the Smallville communities, I noticed that there's one for AUs, but not one for crossovers in general. So I present to you tractorcrossing! Here you can post your crossovers for Smallville with Supernatural, Buffy, Heroes, or maybe even something wacky like Power Rangers, Wizards of Waverly Place or Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. There are no limits, because we know how strange Smallville can be.

1) Every story must be posted with the standard header, including a rating (G to NC-17 or other suitable rating system) and any warnings.

2) Every story posted must be cut or linked, excepting the header. "Fake-cuts" are just links, so yes, you can use them.

3) No sex under the age of consent, because that's an LJ no-no.

4) No incest.

5) No child/adult relationship.

6) No real-persons.

7) No bestiality. This does no include mutants or alien humanoids who have animal-like qualities. So yes, Beast Boy can mack on Chloe. Shelby can also hump her leg (if you want that for some reason), just so long as Chloe doesn't return the favor.
8) Tag please! It'll make stuff easier to find. When adding a tag, please add these before the tag according to type: fandom: [full fandom name], character: [full character name], pairing: [full character name/full character name]. As of Oct 19, 2010: Tags can only be created by a maintainer, to keep down the number of repeats. If yours doesn't exist yet, don't worry about it. As long as it's properly marked in your header, it will be tagged.

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